Wednesday, 9 January 2013

7 best things about being a married woman

Marriages today are nothing like what they used to be even a generation back. Equations have changed. Neither men are looking for in-house procreators nor are women looking for providers. It is for companionship, love and commitment that people want to get united in the eternal bond of marriage. Here are the 7 best things about being married.

1. A companion for life time Marriage certainly eliminates loneliness from your life. It is very tough for a single woman to live an unmarried life. With all your friends and close family living a busy life, being unmarried might make you experience a sense of loneliness. Marriage brings in a sense of companionship throughout your life.

2. Brings in financial advantage Marriage is financially rewarding. Not only can the married couple get better tax benefits than any single individual, but they can get better investment opportunities specially designed for them. Financial advantage also comes through better sharing and planning. Married couples generally have good.

3. Social advantage Marriage brings for you a distinct social advantage over your unmarried peers (yes, we know sometimes you feel like being single again, but that’s only temporary) People will not pester you with questions like- When are you getting married? Are you dating someone? or other sticky questions.  

4. License to do licentious things This is still partially true in case of Indian society. Men and women who believe in the institution of arranged marriage or being celibate before marriage look forward to their wedding night with great anticipation. At the same time, being married brings added liberty for the girls who can party till late in the night.

5. Gives you a new role in life Much before being a mother, a woman plays new roles of a wife, daughter-in law and sister-in-law which add new dimensions to her personality. It is not that you cannot have kids without getting married, but having a child by matrimony gives a legal status to the new born and much better acceptance in the society.

6. Emotional and physical security Every woman desires a secured life. First it is the parents, and then it is the spouse who provides the much needed security. A married woman knows that there is someone who wants to take care of her, and who is ready to absorb her emotional as well as financial burdens. You will feel much more safer living in this world.

7. Enriches the quality of life One does not feel like cooking, eating, shopping all by self every time. When you have a lovey-dovey partner to shower endless love and attention, life is simply wonderful. It is good to know that you are center of somebody’s world and vice versa. Caring for your loved one and his family will bring happiness and a sense of contentment. 

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