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Should you get botox?

Well it seems the trends have caught up and the men are now equally conscious about how they look, especially as they get older.

    There was a time when men would scoff at women who went to great lengths to maintain their physical appearance.

Well it seems the trends have caught up and the men are now equally conscious about how they look, especially as they get older. Some call it the “metrosexual” era while others ignore its existence. Either way, you cannot deny that more and more men are turning to Botox and the count just keeps increasing.

For the uninitiated, Botox is a type of toxin that doctors inject into a person’s face to paralyze muscles that cause the appearance of wrinkles. Once injected, the muscle cannot be used but the skin appears smooth and lifted. So, before you decide to go for it, you must weigh its pros and cons and then figure if this is really something you want.

The Pros

1. Botox makes you look energetic

If you have too many wrinkles around your eyes caused due to constant frowning and other uses of your facial muscles, Botox can fix it. With the removal of these lines or “crow’s feet” as they are referred to, your face looks relaxed and rejuvenated. If you have a job that requires meeting a lot of people, then it certainly helps to look bright and energetic.

2. People with Botox look “happier”

With the muscles that have caused wrinkles and lines in all the wrong places paralyzed, you definitely look less grumpy. People usually read body language before making physical or verbal contact and if you have an expression that communicates boredom or that you are upset, they are more likely to stay away. On the flip side, if you look happy all the time you may have too many people vying for your attention, but I doubt you will complain.

3. Botox is considered to be a fountain of youth

Those wrinkles on your forehead may mean that you have a lot of wisdom garnered through the years but they are also a sure fire sign of aging. Botox injections erase the wrinkles giving you a more youthful appearance. This point is a bit debatable, and, at the end of the day depends on how you can pull off this look. For now, let’s say it is an advantage.

The Cons

1. Botox does not fix everything

As you age, besides wrinkles and lines, you also have to deal with issues like age spots, blemishes, dry skin, pigmentation etc. Botox can only fix the wrinkles. So it may not be as wholesome a treatment as it claims. Again, this depends on your personal outlook.

2. Botox, in all reality, is a poison

Yes, it is. Botox is a name for clostridium botulinum toxin Type A, and in its natural form is extremely toxic. However, the one that is used for the procedure is a purified and sterile form of the toxin. Overcoming this is more of a mindset issue. If you are comfortable with it, you will be just fine.

3. Botox can be addictive

Users of this procedure have been known to get addicted to it and tend to go overboard. The end result is ghastly as you begin to look like an expressionless extra from a zombie movie.

In an ever evolving lifestyle where taboos are slowly becoming trends it is hard to say what you should or should not do. As far as Botox is concerned it is a personal decision; one that must be made after weighing all outcomes and consequences.

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